Immigration Law

Immigration Law

The Canadian Immigration Act

The Immigration Refugee Protection Act includes, but is not limited to, the following key objectives:

To reunite families (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, s. 3(1)(d));

To “facilitate the entry” into Canada of visitors, students, and temporary workers (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, s. 3(1)(g)); and, “to permit Canada to pursue the maximum social, cultural and economic benefits of immigration” (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, s. 3(1)(a)).

The Canadian immigration Act also includes positive objectives towards refugee claimants, including but not limited to, “recognizing that the refugee program is in the first instance about saving lives and offering protection to the displaced and persecuted” (Immigration and Protection Act, s. 3(2)(a)).

We understand that immigration into Canada and integration into Canadian society and workplace is difficult in and of its own. Our aim is to help alleviate some of the stress associated with this process, working towards obtaining your immigration status in the most efficient way possible while still providing you with top legal services.

Advocating For Your Rights In Immigration Tribunals And The Federal Court

(1) Rejections and review of decisions at:

Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) Hearings and Applications
Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) Hearings and Applications
Detention Review Hearings
Advocating before Tribunals and the Court

(2) Obtaining Reasons, decisions, recordings and examinations of evidence and Immigration Officers

Obtaining Permanent Or Temporary Status

Our team has extensive experience helping clients with the following programs:

Visitor Visas
Business visas
Work Permits
Express Entry
Permanent Residence

Our firm works directly with Visa Time Immigration, an office dealing solely on your temporary and permanent status applications to make this process more affordable and accessible to you. Please click here to access Visa Time Immigration and start your immigration process!

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Cant Find the Answers?

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